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Mixed Realities is a Derby based creative visual media company specialising in Virtual Reality. Using  a mixture of technologies such as Laser Scanning, Photography, Video, Drone and CGI, we develop 3D VR environments and innovative marketing platforms that transform the way our clients present their products and spaces to provide a new and exciting solution in customer engagement and workflow studies.

With technological capability at the forefront in the VR industry we are constantly searching to push the boundaries of creativity and ingenuity in this ever growing arena.

At the beginning of the year we started working with some new laser scanning technology to produce 3D Virtual Reality Tours with applications across all industries.

Being passionate about Derby, being part of the fabric of the local business community, we were inspired to create a totally innovative and groundbreaking project which showcases what is truly amazing about our wonderful city.

With that in mind our 3D Derby Project was born.

To work with the best and brightest businesses across the city in all sectors, from arts and culture venues to heritage sites, to retail, restaurants and bars. We collaborated with our strategic partners to realise our vision, using innovative technology, our aim was to provide the community with a fun and exciting experience. We wanted to inspire people locally and from further afield to come and visit these incredible spaces but also to share these spaces with those that might have restricted accessibility.

Marketing Derby kindly gave us the platform to launch the 3D Derby Project at the Inspiring Derby Week 2017 event at Derby Arena. The project produced an interactive destination marketing map that we now call a VirtualScape, available to interact with across all platforms. You simply click on a building and explore in 3D virtual reality, By placing your mobile in a VR headset you can enjoy a fully immersive experience, click on the VR button in the tour and follow instructions.

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By letting the spaces we work in do the talking any business and organisation can benefit from using this technology to present their products and services. A clean and simple solution. As the viewer navigates their way through the space they engage with the multimedia annotations, which can be updated as and when required in line with their business needs, a powerful tool to help tell the business or organisations story.

The Mainframe 3D Virtual Reality Tour is a great example in demonstrating how this community based initiative fits within another organisation and helps provide some context. Mainframe can promote their services and events through the multimedia annotations. By creating links and engaging moving images for use on social-media this further helps get their message out there and entices the viewer into the space.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can represent your business or organisation in this way call 01332 470122 or email

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